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The Charlevoix Country Club Golf Course is a four-star Jerry Matthews design that offers golfers an opportunity to play a public course with beautifully manicured bent grass fairways, large undulating putting surfaces and a landscape conducive to an upscale golfing environment.

  • Hole #1

    A great opening hole measuring just over 300 yards. Feel free to let driver rip but favor the left side as a pond sneaks up on you down the right side. The 1st green is one of the larger on the course with 2 bunkers greenside left. Take dead aim on your approach and leave yourself with a nice birdie run

  • Hole #2

    Another great short par 4 that offers a great birdie opportunity. The temptation to hit driver may overwhelm you although the smart play is to hit a mid iron off the tee which will leave you with a wedge in your hand. The hole gets narrower as you get closer to the green and out of bounds lurks down the entire right side of the hole. When the pin is in the front of the green you must land your second short of the green to keep it on the correct tear.

  • Hole #3

    One of the tougher holes on the course with woods on both sides of the hole. Off the tee favor the left side of the hole due to the left to right slope that kicks balls hard to the right. Driver may be touch much club here as the fairway is only 10 yards wide at the 100 marker. Middle of the green is a good play for your approach as the 3rd green is one of the smaller on the course.

  • Hole #4

    The shortest par 3 on the course offers a great birdie opportunity. This hole plays slightly up hill and the green slopes from back to front, many shots come up short or get sucked off the green so make sure that you club up.

  • Hole #5

    This long Par 5 is a three shot hole with trouble lurking everywhere. Out of bounds runs down the right side of the hole off the tee as well as a pond that can come into play. Woods and heather run down the left side of the hole. Driver is not necessary as your 2nd shot is all about position for your 3rd. At the 100 yard marker a pond wraps around the left side of the hole all the way to the green. If you can keep your ball in play Par will be a good score.

  • Hole #6

    This long par 3 demands a long carry over the pond. Make sure you take an extra club off the tee, long is much better than short.

  • Hole #7

    Another hole that will tempt you to bring the driver out but isn’t necessary. If you do hit driver aim at the church steeple. A pond runs down the left side of the fairway starting at 150 yards out and continues to the approach area. The best angle for your approach shot is on the left side due to the right to left slope of the green. The 7th green is narrow with greenside bunkers on each side of the hole.

  • Hole #8

    A long tough par 4 that usually plays into the wind demands accuracy off the tee. Your aiming point is the 150 post in the middle of the fairway. Left is no good with a pond that runs down the left side of the hole. This green slopes from right to left and from back to front which can make putting challenging on this hole.

  • Hole #9

    This dog leg right par 5 is reachable in 2 shots for some players. If you can keep it just left of the bunkers or hit it over them you will have a chance to go for it. Heather and red bushes run down the right side of the entire hole. If your attacking the hole as a 3 shot hole make sure you keep your tee shot left as there is plenty of room. Once you get around the bend you will have a great visual for your approach that plays slightly down hill. There is yet another pond on the left side of the hole starting at the 100 yard marker and wraps all the way down the left and behind the green. The 9th green also slopes from back to front and is a three tiered.

  • Hole #10

    Iron off the tee is the play on this tough and narrow short par 4. Out of bounds runs down the left and right side of the hole up to about 150 yards out then turns into lateral water hazard for the rest of the hole. It’s tough to find a flat lie on this hole as the terrain is extremely sloppy. Don’t go for a tucked pin here as middle of the green is a great shot into a sloppy and narrow green.

  • Hole #11

    Driver is the play here on this longer par 4. The landing area is generally wet so you don’t get a lot of role. Trouble looms on both sides of the holes; hazard on the left and out of bounds the entire right side of the hole. What you see is what you get as par is a great score here.

  • Hole #12

    This long Par 5 is set in the woods and is very peaceful. Out of bounds runs down the right side of the hole up to the 150 marker. Your landing off the tee is generally wet so don’t expect a lot of role. For your approach shots, favor the left side of the fairway to give you your best angle coming into the green. The right r side can sneak up on you and possible leave you without a shot to the green. This is a narrow green that is offset diagonally to the fairway.

  • Hole #13

    This great short Par 4 is many people’s favorite hole on the course. Off the tee there is a generous landing area, although don’t go left as there is a pond that starts at 150 yards out and continues towards the green. Don’t come up short on your approach there is a large bunker on the right side and a pot bunker on the left. The green is a large 2 teased green that slopes from back to front.

  • Hole #14

    The 1st par 3 on the back is nestled deep in the woods. The green is surrounded by 3 small bunkers just short of the green. Club selection is important and the wind can be tough to gage in the trees.

  • Hole #15

    Some call the last 4 holes at Charlevoix Country Club the toughest finishing holes in Northern Michigan. This long par 5 has a wide fairway but not much room for air just off the fairway. Red wood bushes surround the entire hole. Off the tee your aiming point is the golf cart bridge you can see in the distance. Your second shot will carry a hazard but beware of the fairway that narrows at 100 yards out. Try and leave yourself with 130 yards out for your approach. The 15th green is the smallest in relation to depth, long is no good. This is a 3 shot hole and Par is a fantastic score here.

  • Hole #16

    Another hole that demands accuracy and leaves no room for error. Off the tee keep it left of the 150 marker for your best angle to the green. Make sure to take the wind into consideration as you hit your approach shot over another hazard. The green is very receptive and has one greenside bunker short right.

  • Hole #17

    This long Par 3 demands a long carry of over 150 yards. Make sure to take an extra club off the tee, short is no good. The 17th green is the widest on the course so you have some room to work with.

  • Hole #18

    The long Par 4 finishing hole is a monster. Let driver rip off the tee but favor the left side for more room and the best angle for your approach. There is a pond on the right side of the hole that starts at 200 yards out and continues down towards the green. There is one small greenside bunker left and a relatively large putting surface. Making par here can almost feel like making a birdie.

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