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Torch Course

The original 18 holes at A-Ga-ming (renamed in 2005 for the famous lake that the course overlooks) have been re-routed to make for a more enjoyable round. Torch is situated majestically on the ridges offering spectacular views of Torch Lake and the surrounding countryside. Playing nearly 6,700 yards from the tips, Torch is a challenging shot-makers course that favors accuracy over length. Water comes into play on the 11 of the holes, as do mature stands of woods throughout the golf course. Torch is known as one of the most scenic golf courses in all of northern Michigan.


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Hole 1

The course begins with a straight 363-yard hole, one of the easier holes on the course. It's slightly downhill and hard to miss the tee shot since the hills and short rough on both sides slope down to the fairway.


torch layout01

Blue 363
White 349
Handicap 17
Par  4
Gold  329
Red 309

Hole 2

The heavily wooded area down the entire left side of this fairway won't be much of a problem. Neither will the woods to the right. However, beginning about 200 yards off the tee on the right side is a pond that runs all the way to the green. To make matters more difficult, for the first 260 yards the fairway slopes from left to right, down toward the pond.


torch layout02

Blue 413
White 403
Handicap 2
Par 4
Gold  347
Red 339

Hole 3

This 532-yard par 5 will test both accuracy and power. With woods lining the entire left side and parts of the right side, a good tee shot will impact the decision to play it safe and lay up with the second shot or try to land it over the pond and run it up to the green for a scoring opportunity.


torch layout03

Blue 532
White 484
Handicap 5
Par 5
Gold  474
Red 411

Hole 4

On this pretty hole, the slightly elevated tee overlooks the green with a pond on the right side and behind the hole. The fairway slopes a bit from left to right. It's just 368 yards and downhill all the way. To the left of the fairway, you'll see Fairway Ridge where we have a number of lovely view lots for sale. Some woods begin on the right of the fairway, about 160 yards from the tee and continue on to the pond.


torch layout04

Blue 385
White 368
Handicap 14
Gold  353
Red 287

Hole 5

This beautiful par 3 is just 158 yards to a large, rolling green that slopes gently from back to front, toward the pond that lies between the tee and the green. Trees and a swamp guard the right side of the green. The left side has a little "bail out" room.


torch layout05

Blue 217
White 158
Handicap 13
Par 3
Gold  150
Red 126

Hole 6

On the left side of the fairway is OB, but otherwise there's nothing especially tricky about this 513 yard hole. The green itself is large and very difficult. It lies in a half bowl just beyond a deep dip in the fairway. The hole is not visible from the tee because the fairway runs slightly uphill for the first 350 yards. There are woods on both sides of the fairway that extend from the tee for about 200 yards.


torch layout06

Blue 526
White 513
Handicap 10
Par 5
Gold  451
Red 438

Hole 7

This is one of our excellent new holes. The 231 blue tee gives you a chance to take in another view of Torch Lake. Start off with a 155-yard shot across the valley that separates you from the large green. It slopes gently from back to front and from left to right. Traps guard the left side of the green and the right side falls away sharply down a steep hill.


torch layout07

Blue 235
White 152
Handicap 18
Par 3
Gold  122
Red 122

Hole 8

This lovely 337-yard hole is our other new offering at A-Ga-Ming, providing an amazing view of Torch Lake. The fairway initially runs downhill, then flattens out well before the front edge of the pond that guards the left-front approach to the green. The right side is also guarded by two ominous traps.


torch layout08

Blue 346
White 337
Handicap 12
Par 4
Gold  283
Red 277

Hole 9

This elevated tee does not allow you to see the green because of a modest dog leg to the left. The first 200 yards of this 354-yard hole run downhill from the tee and the final 154 yards run just as sharply uphill. A steep, wooded hill guards the left side of the fairway from tee to green, and woods also run along the first 250 yards of fairway on the right. The green slopes so severely from back to front that a ball putted from the top of the green will be difficult to stop on the putting surface.


torch layout09

Blue 360
White 354
Handicap 5
Par 4
Gold  276
Red 269

Hole 10

On the 10th hole there is a magnificent view of Torch Lake. Your starting point is also one of the prettiest and most interesting first holes in Northern Michigan. The hole plays 386 yards from the white tees and is guarded by OB on the left and a forest of stately hardwoods on the right. A straight drive of 217 yards will take you to the crest of the hill. Then a 159-yard second shot down the hill and over a large pond guarding the front of the green will leave you putting for your birdie.


torch layout10

Blue 394
White 386
Handicap 1
Par 4
Gold  344
Red 332

Hole 11

This is a dicey, 497-yard hole. It's densely wooded down the entire right side of the fairway, and also has woods down the first 100 yards of the left side. Although a stream and gaping ditch guard the front of the green, a 220-yard drive down the left center of the fairway and a 180-yard "lag-up" will leave you a 97-yard pitch to the green.


torch layout01

Blue 511
White 497
Handicap 3
Par 5
Gold  409
Red 403

Hole 12

This little hole will test your mettle. It's only 341 yards, but it is a 90-degree dog leg to the left and there are hardwood forests on both sides of the fairway. The one on the right is also OB. A 195-yard shot down the middle will put you in perfect position for your slightly uphill, 146-yard approach to a long, difficult green.


torch layout12

Blue 354
White 341
Handicap 8
Par 4
Gold  322
Red 306

Hole 13

This tee is elevated just 172 yards to the center of the rolling, three-tiered green. You'll find a gully with a stream just off the front of the tee. Along the left side of your shot is a pond and woods.


torch layout13

Blue 184
White 349
Handicap 17
Gold  329
Red 309

Hole 14

Here is one of the easiest holes on the course. It's only a 303-yard hole with a slight dog leg to the right. All you have to do is hit your first shot over the pond at left-center in the fairway and avoid the woods just past it. The entire right side of the hole is guarded by "Little Okefenokee," a swamp.


torch layout01

Blue 340
White 303
Handicap 15
Par 4
Gold  245
Red 245

Hole 15

This is a 482-yard par 5. After a flat landing area for a straight tee shot, the rest of the hole runs uphill and the fairway slopes to the left. An errant shot off the tee can get you into dense woods on the right or scattered trees on the left. The long, sloping green at the end is the toughest one on the course.


torch layout01

Blue 408
White 398
Handicap 7
Par 4
Gold  352
Red 330

Hole 16

This hole is a 380-yard, slight dog leg to the right to a raised green. The tee is elevated and a heavily wooded hill runs along the entire right side of the fairway. Woods line the left side of the tee and continue about 60 yards. The fairway is lush and wide, with a ditch guarding the entire left side.


torch layout01

Blue 400
White 374
Handicap 9
Par 4
Gold  334
Red 294

Hole 17

This is one of those sneaky holes that are unforgiving of a bad tee shot. A pond lies just off the front of the tee, and a swamp guards the entire right side of the hole. Another swamp catches shots that go too far to the left of the green.


torch layout01

Blue 188
White 178
Handicap 11
Par 3
Gold  160
Red 144

Hole 18

This is the toughest 412 yards on the course. The tee is slightly raised and you are hitting out of a chute. Woods and rough ground line the right of the fairway for most of the way to the green. On the left you have woods, scattered trees, a pond and ditch. The hole is framed by more trees.


torch layout01

Blue 365
White 350
Handicap 4
Par 4
Gold  315
Red 283

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